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the end, there's no end,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009,

I'm lively, but quite frankly, i get tired of it. I have tons of people that could surround me telling me everything is going to be okay when i need it, really though, i wouldn't believe a word any of them said. I never thought I could be put in between, I've always been head up first. But to be honest, i hate being proven wrong, & i hate knowing I'm wrong, but continuing to think I'm right. I have a short patience, and i hate when my mind changes so much, i try my hardest to keep everything sane in my head, but i can't ever make the right choices. I'm done with seeming so innocent to the naked eye, and making everyone a fool. I wish I could reveal everything I need to say, right this moment, but I don't' think I'm ready to watch everything I love crash and burn right in front of me. I hold my tongue too often, and I may be a bit too nice, and I MIGHT, not know how to deny your affection nicely, but I am only human, and can only accomplish so much. I guess all I have to do, is take everything day by day... who am i kidding, all i have to do? it's everything.

I'm always waiting, for what? oh i don't know, maybe one day I will though.