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I can't ever get enough,

I Love, lOve, loVe, lovE, LOVE bouncy music.
Just thought I'd throw that out there.

My mind wanders, more often than not, but rarely ever to something that I shouldn't ponder about. I have, without my own consent, layed out the boundaries of life, right in front of me, and again, without my own consent, i follow each and every one as so. But that still doesn't seem to make people want to come back.

Why am I scarred from what she did to me? Why can't I seem to trust anyone, no, not even me. I can't let go, I can't seem to get my left foot off the ground high enough for even my own approval. I want to live that fresh, crisp, "IWANTTOBREATHE" life. OH how I miss those photographs, the ones who PROVED what we had, you can't go back on proof, not unless you're crazy! And I know, neither of us mind it, no no no, we'll never speak again, only if it's what keeps us together, because you, always, always, have to be seen, you strive for the attention of everyone, and you like the attention, that's what tears us apart, The LOVE and DEVOTION from one person isn't enough, you've got to have everyone, and everything wanting you, talking about you, talking to you, looking at you, because that, well my sweet, sweet baby, it feeds your addiction. Just ScReAm at the top of your lungs, YOU LOVE LIVING TO BE KNOWN. Even if it's known for the wrong reasons. But no worries, I still love you, everysingle spotlight taking inch of your hard, loved laced, encrested corpse... you just don't see me anymore.

I won't come undone, & I won't let my scars be seen. Am I scared? no, I'm not scared, and even if I was, I wouldn't show it, Because showing fear, shows a sign of weakness, and even the strongest of beings can get thrown off sometimes. So show your golden heart every second you can, let everyone know, you've got a backbone of steel, and you're not afraid to use it.

I'm SO EXCITED! I love this season, I'm my best person when fall comes around me, I don't know what it is about this weather, it just makes me so happy. It's probably everyone, cuddling together, even the ones with 12 jackets on, [it's okay honey, I love having an excuse to be close to someone too] and it's probably the fact, my hair doesn't get frizzy when it's cold outside, WHAT WONDERS WEATHER HAS CREATED FOR US!

All i do is construct a mess, because i can't keep my tongue held, I guess that's something you learn to do in time. I gotta take a ride for a long time, either that, or i'll commit myself.