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Writer's Block: Memo to Myself

If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Dear youngin,

This boy you're going to meet, is going to be the end of your childhood, and your innocence. Let him be amazing to you, and let him be his worst to you, he leads you to better experiences on the way. Never let your fathers dumbass ways scare you, and never tell him you hate him. Tell your mother you love her, everyday, and let her know that she's always number one in your life. NEVER hurt that boy you'll date at the end of 8th grade, what follows that will be the biggest regret you'll ever know. Never feel undermined by other girls, if someones with you, it's because they want YOU, not them. Don't let your jealousy get the best of you. Push BJ like you did your Dad, and always talk to Alex about anything you can think of, he likes to know that you can trust him. When the summer of 08 comes around, have as much fun as possible, and don't get scared, Kyle's going to be better to you than Blaine ever will be, no matter what your heart tells you. Spend as much time with Ginger and Mommer as possible when you go to visit, time only gives so much love. Visit Kaylee & Kyla as much as you can, they love having you around. Summer of 09 will be the best, and worst summer of your life. A few people will come in your life, and one will leave a huge effect on who you become, never let him go, even if he's just a friend.


Your memo to yourself reminds me of mine :)
Very sweet! This made me smile.