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i have such weird dreams,

i dreamt so heavy last night, i was on the phone with my love till a decent time, and this is what i dreamt,

i dreamt about traveling,
To dream that you are traveling, represents the path toward your life goals. It also parallels your daily routine and the way you progress. If your travels come to an end, then it symbolizes successful completion of your goals. To dream that you are traveling in a car filled with people, signifies that you will make new and fun friends and exciting adventures.

I dreamt about slides,
To dream that you or somebody is on a slide, indicates that you are experiencing some instability in your waking life. You may have lost your grip on a situation or relationship. To dream that you are sliding, represents a loss of control.

I dreamt about seeing an old friend,
To see your childhood friend in your dream, signifies regression into your past where you had no responsibilities and things were much simpler and carefree. You may be wanting to escape the the pressures and stresses of adulthood. Consider the relationship you had with this friend and the lessons that were learned. Alternatively, the childhood friend may be suggesting that you have been acting in a childish manner and you need to start acting like an adult.

I dreamt about foods, eating ALOT of peanut butter, and spilling soup,
Peanut Butter
To see or eat peanut butter in your dream, suggests that you are having difficulties communicating your thoughts and ideas. It may also mean a misunderstanding; your words are coming out all wrong.
Similarly to food, to dream about soup, represents emotional hunger or nourishment. In addition, it also signifies comfort and healing. Consider the contents inside the soup and its symbolism.

I dreamt about an old man, sitting next to me, studying me, and everything i did,
To see an old man in your dream, represents wisdom or forgiveness. The old man may be a archetypal figure who is offering guidance to some daily problem.

I dreamt a friend and i took a picture together, and showed me, it's imprinted in my head now,
To see a picture in your dream, symbolizes a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind. There may be permanence in your actions. Also consider the pun on "picture this" or "seeing the big picture" in a situation. To dream that you are taking a picture, suggests that you need to get a good understanding and gain more information on some issue. You need to focus more attention to some situation or relationship. Perhaps you feel that you need to recapture some past moments in a relationship.


Hi there!

Saw you added me, so, though I'd say "hi!"... I only glanced at your journal, but it seems you're into dream analysis, which is cool, I've never met someone who actually did that, although I've come across books on it and whatnot.

Could you tell me how you found my journal? Just curious, I haven't been on that much recently so sorry if I don't remember the username (that's just an excuse, I've to a random memory in general, gotta make notes to keep everything straight).

Re: Hi there!

I saw that you replied to a writers block, and as many others, I found your answer pretty interesting, so I decided to add you. :)

Re: Hi there!

Okay, kool.

I added you back, you seem kool.

I like the word "kool", even though it's not really a word.